7 months

We are over halfway there now. 7 down, 5 to go. On your first birthday Alex there is going to be a BIG party. Not so much a birthday party as a ‘WE SURVIVED YOUR FIRST YEAR AND YOU’RE STILL ALIVE’ party.

You started sitting independently this month, Mary and Luke love sitting and playing with you and bring you lots of toys. You still haven’t quite mastered crawling which really surprises me because you have been up on all fours and rocking for weeks! You do a funny rolling army crawl to get to where you want to go. It’s not very effective yet but we’re not complaining.

One fabulous thing that happened this month is you decided to like the bath!! We put you in the bath ring in the big tub with your siblings and you had a blast!!!

We took you on your first family vacation this month… ha. Learned some valuable lessons!You’re still not very interested in solid food, except in your baby safe feeder of course.

Your brother passed on another lovely cold this month. You stopped nursing entirely for almost 36 hours. We did manage to coax a couple ounces of pedialyte into you but that was it.

You are very anti-bottle for the most part though. I tried to go to a local homeschool for an evening but you wouldn’t touch the milk I pumped for you when daddy offered it to you in a bottle. Stinker.

I love you my little bug!


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