8 months

Oh dear, I’m late!! We had a bit of a rough week but better late than never right?

Still no happy update on your mood. You’re a grouch… it’s just life though.

You finally started crawling!! That was exciting. All this time I thought you would get happier once you could crawl… turns out now you can just follow me and cry.

You are also getting into a lot more trouble. You love the tv, any sort of cord, and getting stuck under kitchen chairs. One night I was tucking in your brother and Mary started calling “mom!! mom!!! Come quick! Alex, don’t move, don’t get down! MOM!!!”
I came running out to find you standing at the couch! Mary was very thrilled that she saw you pull up for the first time. Since then you have become rather good at pulling yourself up and that has added a whole new realm of trouble. You love nothing more than being the center of attention. If someone is holding you and you have a bunch of people smiling at you you are a happy little clam. If I hear “oh, he doesn’t look grouchy to me!” or “your mom says you scream a lot, that can’t be true!” one more time I might snap!

I sure love you little man…. but seriously, I kind of love sleep too. I think you might like it if you would just try.


One thought on “8 months

  1. Very cute pictures! It’s very true, whenever there’s a crowd of people cooing over him he’s a happy little guy so they don’t get to see his true colours!

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