Best & Worst Wednesday: Christmas edition

I love reading Renee’s Best & Worst Wednesday posts, this week I thought I would join in! We are back home visiting family for the holidays, I thought that would make a good subject. 🙂


Best part about homemade Christmas playdough? It keeps them occupied forever! They spent hours playing with it.

Worst part about homemade Christmas playdough? The mess. Good heavens, I always go a few months between batches of playdough, I think it’s because it takes me that long to forget how messy it is.


Best part of coming home for the holidays? Someone else to hold Mr. Fussy MckScreamsALot.

The worst part of coming home for the holidays? The 8 hour drive it takes to get here. …on second thought perhaps the worst part is all the stuff we need to pack. It took me a good week to get everything ready.


Best part of staying with family while we’re here? Lots of help with the kids, Nathaniel and I actually get to spend time together!

Worst part of staying with family while we’re here? Grandparent syndrome. Our relatively good kids turn into little monsters.


Hmm. I’m not very imaginative. I’ll try to do better next time. 🙂


Two Months Old!

Well Mr. Alex.. you are two months old! You are 14lbs 2oz and wearing 6-12 month clothing for the most part.

It’s a bit of a miracle that you survived this long really, you still scream for hours and hours each day. Every time we’re in the van… any time someone puts you down… you aren’t exactly what one would call a content baby. Mommy calls you her angry baby. As you can see from my lack of blogging you don’t really allow me much free time. \

That being said, you are awfully cute. You started ‘talking’ this month and it’s pretty cute. You smile whenever you see mommy or your sister, who is pretty much your favourite person ever. Mary loves to put on ballets for you and you will sometimes watch her dance and sing for 10 whole minutes before you start screaming!

We started you on some reflux medicine. Mommy is hopeful that that will help with some of the screaming. December is going to be a big month for you! First Christmas, first trip to Nana and Poppa’s house… hopefully with lots of people around to hold you we will all have a Merry Christmas.


We were walking…

We were walking across the parking lot at church the other night, it was very windy so I was holding the kids’ hands and trying to hurry them along. Luke tripped (over my foot I think) and almost fell but I managed to catch him. He cried “Mom! I was almost a pancake!” Then as I was buckling him into the van and he told me “Mom, if i was a pancake I would be yummy! And you would EAT ME UP!”