Yarn Along

When the mail man came to the door with a squishy package addressed to me yesterday I just about kissed him!! Before everything went all crazy a few weeks ago I splurged and ordered myself enough Tosh Merino Light for a cardigan for me.

I’m so in love with this yarn!! I’m not sure what I was thinking, it’s just fine yarn that I’ll be lucky to finish this by next winter but it’s super nice to knit with. I ordered a couple other skeins of tosh and some cascade from their clearance section in case I need some in between projects but I can’t wait to wrap up in this soft silky sweater!

I’ve been reading possibly the funniest book I have ever read. I’ve read Jenny Lawson’s blog for a long time so when her memoir came out I knew I needed to read it. It hasn’t disappointed me, I started reading it sitting in chapters one evening when we were in Edmonton and I laughed so hard three different people came and asked me what I was reading and why it was so funny. It was a little embarrassing but I couldn’t help myself!

Joining with Ginny’s yarn along to see what others have on their needles!


Yarn Along


Well, I just couldn’t do it. I ended up frogging my pink tiny tea leaves sweater and starting over. I had been working on a size 4 so it’s a good thing I started over, this time I cast on a 6.

All three of my little ones are in various stages of a cold, poor Alex wants nothing more than to lay on my chest (very unlike him!) so I’ve managed to get  quite a bit of knitting done. I finally got to the yarn store and finished Luke’s Milo:


I’ve also been getting in a fair amount of reading. I just finished ‘Stolen Innocence‘ by Elissa Wall last night. I have read a couple other books about women escaping the FLDS church but this one was really interesting, Elissa I’d one of the first girls to bring a lawsuit against Warren Jeffs.

I requested ‘The Write Start‘ from our library again. I love this book a lot, we have enjoyed many of the activities she suggests.

Yarn Along

(for some reason pictures coming from my phone come out huge! Still not sure why…)

The milo I was working on last week is finished and blocking on my table right now. I have a little project to finish before I get started on my next one. I made Alex’s in 12 months, I’m thinking I’m going to do Luke’s in a 4. Hopefully I get it done before Easter!!

I read The Amish Midwife in two nights this week. I need to stop getting books like this. I am such a sucker for Christian fiction that when I have them out of the library I do basically nothing but read until they are done… no more fiction this Lent, I have too much to do!

I posted about most of the books in our Lent basket when I posted about our Lent plan,
Mary has really been enjoying them.

Yarn Along

I have been on a bit of a sewing kick since I got my serger so knitting has been a little neglected. Alex has been particularly needy lately though and I can knit and nurse at the same time so things have picked up a little.

I’m working on my first pair of longies that have short rows in the pattern. It’s been challenging but I think I finally have the hang of it!

I have been working on planning our Lent the last few days. Advent was such a disaster with Mr. Cranky taking so much of my time, so I’m hoping I can do better with Lent.

The Story of the Cross is probably one of my favourite books ever. It really brings the stations of the cross to a level that Mary can understand without compromising the events of Jesus’ last days. I borrowed it from the library last year but it was one we had to have.

Another book I love to use is Mrs. Sharp’s Traditions. I found this one in a used bookstore and it’s full of wonderful traditions for all seasons. We’ll be incorporating some of her ideas into our Lenten calendar.

Yarn Along- January 18th

I haven’t participated in Ginny’s yarn along in ages, I’ve been doing tons of knitting lately.


I took a little break from my shalom (which is finally coming along, after frogging the first part 3 times) to knit my persistent little man a frog. He has been asking about it since he picked it out of Knitted Toy Tales over Christmas. He really loves it and has been taking his frog and snake everywhere.

I’ve been on the library waiting list for Little Girls, Big Style for months but I finally got it! I am going to order this one from Amazon, it’s a fabulous book! I have sewed Mary a Valentine’s skirt and top from there already.

Yarn Along 5

I’m back! Sorry about the extended absence, I haven’t really had much energy for blogging… or anything really.

I have finally started feeling marginally better in the last week or so. I’m almost 15lbs lighter and I can still only eat once or twice a day but I have high hopes this will improve soon. My doctor has tossed the words hyperemesis gravidarum out there but I’m still praying that this is not going to last until October.

Anyway, I have managed to get some knitting and reading in in the last week so I thought I would do a yarn along.

It doesn’t look very exciting right now but it’s going to be! I found the cutest knit bunny pattern on etsy so I decided to do an Easter bunny for Mary. I don’t remember what the wool is called but it is so soft and nice to knit with.

I think this is one of the most complex projects I have ever done, there have been some interesting increases and decreases but I have high hopes it will be as cute as the picture once I get it sewn together and stuffed.

My lenten reading has consisted of lots of Mother Angelica so far, I can’t say enough good things about her books! I find I’ve been getting a lot more out of reading my bible with her help.