Now if you have ever read one of my daybook posts you know I {hate} laundry. I detest everything about it and because of that I tend to avoid it. For some reason I would rather scrub toilets than do laundry… anything!

I have come to realize that part of the reason I am never caught up on laundry is that we have WAY too much clothing for a family our size. This is {entirely} my fault and I take all responsibility. I love buying clothes for my kids and because I’m always behind on laundry I tend not to realize exactly how much we have.

Inspired by blogs like this, books like this, and this I have been bitten by a minimalist/simplifying bug. I really desire a peaceful environment for our home and clutter (seen or unseen) really doesn’t help that.

In order to remedy our laundry situation I brought all of our clothing and other laundry into the living room and put it into a {huge} pile. I thought about taking a picture but decided no one needs to see that. 😉

So I sorted everything into piles for everyone, {thoroughly embarrassed} at the clothing in my pile and then went through it pile by pile. How many pairs of pants does an 18 month old need? Probably less than 12. How many dishcloths do I need for my kitchen? I’m thinking 14 is too many. How many towels do a family of four {really} need? I cut ours down by more than half.

It is my hope that with the {significantly} reduced amount of laundry in our home I will be able to find a laundry routine that works for us.