Our Favourite Children’s Books: Part 1

I love books. New, old… fiction, non-fiction… adult, child… I just love them! 

I love reading other people’s book reviews so I thought  I would share some of our favourites from our collection. I’m going to start with children’s books because we have a lot of favourites. I tend to be drawn to books with great illustrations, both my kids (and I’m sure most kids) are really drawn to brightly illustrated books and I really notice Luke will sit better for a book that has interesting pictures.

The majority of the books in our collection I have either found at the thrift store or ordered from a used book website. They are usually library discards which is great because underneath the dust jacket they are almost always practically brand new!

A Child’s Garden of Verses is a very sweet book. It is full of poems and beautiful illustrations.

 Mary has been working on memorizing a few short poems and we usually take them from here. If it is a long poem she does the first stanza.

The Child’s Book of Virtues is a recent addition to our collection so I haven’t read all the stories yet but the ones we have read have been great.

It is divided into four sections: Courage/Perserverance, Responsibility/Work/Self-Discipline, Compassion/Faith, and Honesty/Loyalty/Friendship. Each section has short stories based on those particular virtues.

It has a wide variety of stories in it, some poems, some fairy tales, and some about little boys and girls. Mary’s favourite so far is the story with the knight and the princess. We’re going through a serious princess phase here.