A Monday Afternoon Daybook

Outside my window… I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m grateful we have no where to go today as I stare out my window at the sparkling snow. -31 is too cold to take littles anywhere!

I am thinking… A lot about Lent. We enjoyed our Advent traditions so much, I hope to find something for Lent that will bring us together in the evenings like our Jesse Tree did.

I am thankful… For Maggie Reigh and her book 9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child. We have had some pretty major breakthroughs with miss Mary in the last week and it feels really good to finally feel like we are winning.

From the kitchen… oranges! Lots and lots of oranges. They are so yummy right now, I think we have gone through at least 4 boxes. My husband has been making the best orange smoothies every night after dinner.

Learning all the time… Mary has a renewed interest in her Classical Conversations memory work so we have been reviewing that often. We are working on some projects from volume 10 of Alphabet Glue. There has also been lots and lots of play dough time for all 3 kids. I’m always amazed at how long play dough keeps their attention.

I am going… for a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow morning. I just got the letter saying my appointment with the GYN my doctor referred me to is at the end of the month. I’m pretty excited.

I am reading… 9 Ways, and lots and lots of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? Alex has discovered the animals in that book and carries it around constantly.

I am hoping… to make it to the library before the book I have requested three times gets sent back for the fourth time. We’re just so busy!

I am looking forward to… spending the evenings doing something other than watching Grey’s Anatomy. We started watching in December and are completely caught up to season 9 now. That is one addicting show! I’m not sure what we are going to do with all this free time we have all of a sudden! I have to say though, Downtown Abby seems to be calling to me. Everyone on facebook seems to think it’s amazing. Maybe in a few weeks.

Around the house… If anyone dares to sit or lay on the ground they can be certain that they will soon be tackled or jumped on by a rotten baby. He gets so excited to see someone laying down he immediately runs and flops onto them.  AlexMary0113


A favorite quote for today… “Instead of bemoaning the loss of “control” and “power” parents had, let us embrace the opportunity to develop relationships that empower us, and our children. Let’s take advantage of the knowledge, understanding, and tools available for personal growth, and challenge ourselves to develop our full potential. We can invite our children to do the same. ” ~Maggie Reigh, 9 Ways

One of my favorite things… A little one happy to be tucked into bed for a nap. Give this boy his sucky and his blankey and he happily goes for a nap without a peep. Definitely not something I take for granted!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Tuesday- I have an ultrasound, preschool for Luke, co-op for Mary, and that evening I’m starting a course at our parent link center.
Wednesday- Mommy group at Church, Valentine’s Day photoshoot with a friend.
Thursday- preschool for Luke.
Friday- Zumba for Mary, music with the boys, playdate with a friend in the afternoon.

A peek into my day…


It doesn’t matter what I do, it is impossible to get this boy to sit still long enough to get a picture of him!