Yarn Along 5

I’m back! Sorry about the extended absence, I haven’t really had much energy for blogging… or anything really.

I have finally started feeling marginally better in the last week or so. I’m almost 15lbs lighter and I can still only eat once or twice a day but I have high hopes this will improve soon. My doctor has tossed the words hyperemesis gravidarum out there but I’m still praying that this is not going to last until October.

Anyway, I have managed to get some knitting and reading in in the last week so I thought I would do a yarn along.

It doesn’t look very exciting right now but it’s going to be! I found the cutest knit bunny pattern on etsy so I decided to do an Easter bunny for Mary. I don’t remember what the wool is called but it is so soft and nice to knit with.

I think this is one of the most complex projects I have ever done, there have been some interesting increases and decreases but I have high hopes it will be as cute as the picture once I get it sewn together and stuffed.

My lenten reading has consisted of lots of Mother Angelica so far, I can’t say enough good things about her books! I find I’ve been getting a lot more out of reading my bible with her help.