6 months!

Our life has been all sorts of crazy lately. Our quiet Easter got turned upside down, going through lots of big changes and having to make big decisions doesn’t leave much time for blogging! I don’t want to miss Alex’s 6 month post though!!

I can hardly believe that we have survived 6 months.

We had lots more firsts this month. Your first St. Patrick’s day… your first Easter… and your first cold.

That was one nasty cold. It took our whole family out for 2 weeks. You were a miserable congested baby, Daddy and I took turns sleeping with you in the recliner because that’s the only way you could breathe.

You tried food for the first time this month! You’re still not quite ready for real solid foods but do you ever love your baby safe feeder! You’ve had blackberries, pears, and peas in it so far and you really suck that thing dry. It’s nice to be able to give it to you at dinner and sometimes be able to eat as a family.

You’re still enormous. weighing in at almost 20 lbs and 27 inches.

You’re not sitting up yet but you are *very* close to crawling. You go backwards like a pro and are getting up on your knees and rocking. If you would just let mommy put you down for a while so you could practice you would be moving in no time!

Your siblings remain your favourite people. It doesn’t matter how mad you are, Mary can almost always get a smile.

Your other favourite things are your soother (which makes Mommy SO happy! I always wanted one of my babies to take one and you really loves yours), your wooden teething moose, and your jumperoo.

And of course it goes without saying that these things are all second to being in someone’s arms. That always comes first.

Bath time is sloooowly getting better. If you are in a really good mood, have a full belly, and have your sister near by we can usually get a five minute bath without screaming. That’s progress!!!


Five months!!


Alright little mister. I give up, you win. There will be no more hoping that you are going to get happier. I seem to be setting myself up for disappointment. We seem to have moved from colicky straight into teething anger.

You’re certainly getting bigger. You wear size four diapers now, size 6 at night. You are in 18 month jammies, but not for much longer!
You are a drooling, teething, monster. It is amazing how much you drool. You chew anything you can get your hands on, including your sucky which you have figured out how to make a funny squeaky noise with.

Mary and Luke are still some of your favourite people. Mary just loves talking to you and dancing for you. It’s a toss up between her and Daddy for your favourite person.

You refuse to nurse to sleep. The only way we can get you to sleep is by wrapping you up, giving you your sucky, and rocking you. Often we need to give you a little gripe water to get you to calm down enough to suck. You like to reach your hand up and put it inside mommy’s shirt as well. Skin contact seems to calm you a little.

You are starting to sit by yourself a little bit and you are *dying* to crawl. You roll onto your belly every single time I put you on the floor and in the last couple weeks you have started getting your legs up under you and pushing yourself forwards a little bit.

You’re already constantly getting into things you shouldn’t, our life is going to be crazy when you start to crawl!!

Even t
Even though you are a cranky thing you hace one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Everywhere we go people comment on your smile, your whole face just lights up. Of course it doesn’t really help anyone believe that you’re cranky. 😉

Four Months.

Alex… Alex… Alex… you are four months old now!! Every month that I have written these posts I have hoped that the next month I would be able to post about how happy you have become.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

While you have definitely started smiling grinning more you still demand to be carried a lot of the time.

You have discovered toys this month, your moose and octopus being particular favourites. You will hold them and play with them in a seat for a few minutes which is a big help to mom!

You still hate the bath with a passion and scream as soon as a drop of water touches you. But you have started to make friends with your car seat, you don’t cry the entire time you are in it anymore, in fact there have been a few trips that you have stayed happy! It helps that your sister is sitting beside you, you love her a lot.

Another thing you tolerate for a few minutes when you’re in just the right mood love is your jumperoo! You love to be upright and being able to watch what is going on.

You’re a big boy, 17.5lbs already, mommy gets quite a workout packing you around all day!

It’s been so fun to see little pieces of your personality emerging, things are really starting to get fun!!

Three months!


It’s hard to believe three months have passed since you joined our family Mr. Alex, it is so cliche but it really does feel like you’ve always been here.


You are getting bigger and bigger by the day, you are over 15bs now and just starting to be too long for your 12 month sleepers.


Despite the smiles and occasional giggle we get out of you you are still a pretty angry little guy. You are definitely starting to be interested in whats going on around you, and you really love to watch Mary and Luke play. Sometimes you’ll even sit in your bouncy chair for 10 minutes without crying!!


Your first road trip was a huge success. We got you a new big car seat and in the hopes that it would help you scream less and sure enough you like it! We only stopped twice on the way there and once on the way back! Rockstar baby!!


You slept through your first Christmas morning (which let us open presents in peace!), next year will be much more exciting.

You really loved your poppa and had a lot of conversations with him, when you are in a good mood you talk and coo and smile like crazy. You also started holding onto toys a little bit this month, you especially love the octopus, just like your brother and sister did. You can get your fingers in your mouth now and enjoy chewing on them, you had a tooth break through over Christmas so I think chewing on your fingers helps your sore gums.

Here’s to getting older and a much happier fourth month!

Alex: one month!

Mr. Alex, you are one month old already! You’re getting so big, we already had to pack away all of the 3 and 6 month size jammies!

You don’t really like anything that doesn’t involve your mommy right now. You scream any time we put you in the car seat, in the bath, or for that matter pretty much anytime you aren’t in someone’s arms.

We’ve been taking you to the chiropractor though and that seems to be helping. You have your best sleeps after adjustments.

Your siblings adore you and are desperate for you to play with them. Mary is a big help and tries to rock you and play with the sunshine toy with you when Mommy needs to put you down but you aren’t really a fan yet.You spend lots of time all wrapped up next to mommy in a carrier.

We’re desperately trying to convince you to take a sucky but haven’t had much luck yet. Hopefully you will agree soon, it would make all of our lives so much easier!