Summer’s Day(book)





Outside my window…. the saskatoon berries are ripe for the picking! My kids are having so much fun being outside every day. We have been here for a week now and there has only been one rainy day. They are all falling into bed exhausted every night from all the activity.


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I am thinking… that recovering from surgery is much more difficult than I was expecting. I was anticipating more pain than I have been feeling and while I’m not complaining it is very frustrating to be feeling pretty good but still not being allowed to do much lifting activity.

When you’re busy doing all the things moms do having a week to do nothing but read and rest sounds like heaven. I’m ready to get back to everyday life now!

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I am thankful…. for good friends to come keep us company. They all get along so well…. most of the time. 😉


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Learning all the time…. There is plenty of learning going on. Lots and lots of nature study and questioning and both my big kids have been ‘helping’ Grandpapa with gazebo construction.


I am working on…  lesson plans for our school year, and finalizing my book list. I’m so very thankful for the homeschool funding we get here, it’s so hard to decide what I want to buy. I have everything mostly finalized but I’m adding and moving a few things as I go through lesson plans.


I am hoping…  that everything with our move goes smooth. I have had to completely let go of control over any of it which is a tad frustrating, I can’t wait until we can move in!!!

I am reading… so so many books. Too many to list here though. If I had to recommend one it would be 10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, by Anthony Esolen. I am so in love with everything he has written but this might be my favourite.

I am creating… plans for our school room!!!! My father in law totally sees my vision, we are going to have the coolest school room ever.

I am hearing… Nothing. And it’s glorious.

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Peace and quiet

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A little peek at my day… I took Mary to a library program today, she has been really missing the library since we moved. It turns out my dad’s cousin manages the library here so she allowed us to get a card! Mary was *thrilled*



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