Mary’s 5th birthday interview

How old are you now Mary? Four! No! FIVE!!!

What’s your favorite color?  Pink.

What’s your favorite drink? Um. Raspberry juice

What’s your favorite food? Almonds

What’s your favorite game? Hmmmm….. Ummm. I don’t know! I like to play blocks…

What’s your favorite treat? Chocolate bunny!

What’s your favorite snack? Juice box and granola. Pumpkin granola.

What’s your favorite restaurant? McDonalds. Actually Wendy’s. Wendy’s is better than McDonalds, McDonald’s is unhealthy chicken and fries.

What’s your favorite place? Memere’s house! (we just spent a week there).

What’s your favorite toy? Whitey. And the blocks.

Wha’ts your favorite book? The Princess collection! The Magic schoolbus explores the senses. (she also really likes encyclopedias at the moment)

What’s your favorite sport? Sport? I don’t have a favourite sport!

What’s your favorite movie? Tinkerbell!

What’s your favorite TV show? Jake

What’s your favorite thing to do? Go for walks

What’s your favorite thing to wear? My bubble dress. No! My rosy dress! The dress that we got from cute as a bug’s ear.

Who is your friend? Kamryn, Rebecca, Aspen, that’s all.

Who is your favorite person? Kamryn! And Mommy, and Daddy. My favourite people in the whole world.

What is your favorite song? The truck songs (a cd from the library).

Her 4th birthday interview is here.


Me: Mary are you hungry? Do you want lunch?

Mary: Ya!!

Me: What do you want?

Mary: I like your eyes, mom.

Me: Do you want a sandwich?

Mary: You have a belly button like mine! Does daddy have a belly button?

Me: Yes daddy has a belly button. Now Mary, look at me. Do. You. Want. A. Sandwich?

Mary: *pointing to her shirt* this is a red circle.

Me: Alright fine. We aren’t having lunch today.

Mary: Can I have a sandwich please mommy? You look very pretty today!


Two is such a fun age, I have been meaning to update things on my kids more often for my scrapbook so I have somewhere to go when I finally get around to doing more scrapbooking.

Mary you are 2 years and 3 months, you:

– can name each letter of the alphabet
-can count to 20 and know numbers up to 10
-know all the colours and shapes (including hexagon and crescent and other weird ones)
-know most nursery rhymes
-can sing many songs but your favourites are ring around the rosy, jingle bells (your comfort song), and down by the bay
-read most of your board books by yourself
-have no problem expressing yourself!
-constantly amaze people you meet with how well you speak
-are left handed!
-talk *a lot* and never stop asking questions

you love:
-your daddy
-making Luke laugh
-ketchup and mustard
-dressing up like a princess
-playing farm and kitchen
-colouring and painting
-your grandparents
-veggie tales