A few nights ago I had Luke sitting in my lap while I clipped his nails, he was very concerned and kept reminding me “don’t hurt them, mommy!” Then he leaned down really close to his finger and whispered “it’s okay fingers, be brave! Mommy will be careful!”

Such a sweet boy. 🙂


Splish Splash…

A certain someone is NOT a fan of the bath!!

Which isn’t a huge surprise to us really…

Considering he cries whenever we undo his jammies to change his diaper…

His favourite part… snuggled up in a warm towel. 🙂


Saturday mornings

Despite the fact that we are still in the throes of newborn chaos (seriously, three kids feels like A LOT more than two) we decided Saturday morning to make waffles for breakfast. We tried Tammy’s Pumpkin Spice Waffles and they were DELICIOUS!

Luke was happy to help Daddy, any time anyone is in the kitchen he is right there helping.

Alex was happy to hang out in his chair and supervise. It’s rough when you have an older sister, all of your blankets are pink.

He’s really starting to have some nice awake and alert times, the kids are enjoying interacting with him.

Mary wasn’t really interested in helping make waffles. She sat and watched cartoons in her snazzy new chair from Nana.