Summer time!!





SimonetteRiver (1 of 1)

SimonetteRiver6 (1 of 1) SimonetteRiver5 (1 of 1)  SimonetteRiver4 (1 of 1)Living where we do it is difficult to find nice water for our children to play in. Most of the bodies of water around here are swamps or slews and not places I would want my children playing.

However, yesterday’s high of 38°C encouraged us to take a chance on a spot on a river that I had heard about from a friend. We didn’t even consider going to the Canada Day Parade, it was just too hot!!

It was the perfect spot, the river was low and warm, perfect for wading (and splashing!)

We had a great time despite the heat. There was sand to play in, nature to explore, and plenty of very special rocks to be found.

I really treasure spending time like this as a family, it was a wonderful day.


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