Yarn Along


Well, I just couldn’t do it. I ended up frogging my pink tiny tea leaves sweater and starting over. I had been working on a size 4 so it’s a good thing I started over, this time I cast on a 6.

All three of my little ones are in various stages of a cold, poor Alex wants nothing more than to lay on my chest (very unlike him!) so I’ve managed to get  quite a bit of knitting done. I finally got to the yarn store and finished Luke’s Milo:


I’ve also been getting in a fair amount of reading. I just finished ‘Stolen Innocence‘ by Elissa Wall last night. I have read a couple other books about women escaping the FLDS church but this one was really interesting, Elissa I’d one of the first girls to bring a lawsuit against Warren Jeffs.

I requested ‘The Write Start‘ from our library again. I love this book a lot, we have enjoyed many of the activities she suggests.


Yarn Along

I’m making pretty good progress on Luke’s Easter milo, unfortunately I’m at the end of my yarn now and that means either taking all of my kids to the yarn store (ha!) or waiting until my husband is home on a weekend so I can go. Luke might not be getting a milo for Easter after all.

I’m reading Smart Parenting for Smart Kids on my kindle right now. Mary’s preschool teacher recommended it to me. She has completely blown her teachers away at school, they asked if we have considered having her tested for the gifted program at one of the schools here. We haven’t decided what to do, I am still leaning rather heavily towards homeschooling but we will probably check the program out just to see what they offer.

I’m re-reading The Well Trained Mind again also. I really like the idea of a classical education but I think it might be a little bit too structured for us, I want our kids to have the freedom to follow their interests and any rabbit trails that we might come across.

Five months!!


Alright little mister. I give up, you win. There will be no more hoping that you are going to get happier. I seem to be setting myself up for disappointment. We seem to have moved from colicky straight into teething anger.

You’re certainly getting bigger. You wear size four diapers now, size 6 at night. You are in 18 month jammies, but not for much longer!
You are a drooling, teething, monster. It is amazing how much you drool. You chew anything you can get your hands on, including your sucky which you have figured out how to make a funny squeaky noise with.

Mary and Luke are still some of your favourite people. Mary just loves talking to you and dancing for you. It’s a toss up between her and Daddy for your favourite person.

You refuse to nurse to sleep. The only way we can get you to sleep is by wrapping you up, giving you your sucky, and rocking you. Often we need to give you a little gripe water to get you to calm down enough to suck. You like to reach your hand up and put it inside mommy’s shirt as well. Skin contact seems to calm you a little.

You are starting to sit by yourself a little bit and you are *dying* to crawl. You roll onto your belly every single time I put you on the floor and in the last couple weeks you have started getting your legs up under you and pushing yourself forwards a little bit.

You’re already constantly getting into things you shouldn’t, our life is going to be crazy when you start to crawl!!

Even t
Even though you are a cranky thing you hace one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Everywhere we go people comment on your smile, your whole face just lights up. Of course it doesn’t really help anyone believe that you’re cranky. 😉

Project Simplify: Week one

Well, I did it! It took until the very last minute but I went through all the toys in Mary’s room, Luke’s room, and in the living room. Of course I only ended up with one before picture…

Here is the after:

One big job I tackled was our books. I went through all the books in Mary’s room, all my schooling books, all our Catholic books, and all our picture books. It was a big job but my book shelves look great now. Mary had a huge pile of books at the end of her bed and they are nice and organized now:

It’s so nice not to have a ton of books falling off of that shelf!

Her toys are all organized into bins as well. It’s so nice to be in there

Luke’s room looks great too but I have no pictures. He is sleeping in there now.

I got super ambitious this afternoon and went through all of Alex’s clothes as well. I have a big bag for the consignment store, along with a big box of toys. I had gone through Mary’s and Luke’s not too long ago so they didn’t need to be gone through again.

I’m looking forward to the kitchen next week… I have a few cupboards that desperately need some attention.

Yarn Along

There has been lots of knitting going on around here lately. I am trying to finish a Milo for my big boy to match the one I finished for his brother last week. I also dug my daughter’s tiny tea leaves sweater out hoping to finish it for Easter.


It would seem my knitting has come a loooong way since I started this sweater last year and it’s full of mistakes!! I have resisted the urge to frog the whole thing as my daughter is rather attached to it so I decided to finish it and let her use it as a play sweater.


I used Ginny’s pattern for a newborn hat with a bit of lace (I would link but I’m on my phone and I don’t think I can) and some beautiful merino wool for this cute set for my soon to be born niece… I was so sure it was going to be a girl. However, I have an adorable new nephew now and have to find a new baby gift!! My husband finds it quite funny.


Still doing lots of Lenten reading but Mary and I have also started looking through my favourite sewing books to find an Easter dress pattern.