Project Simplify: Week one

Well, I did it! It took until the very last minute but I went through all the toys in Mary’s room, Luke’s room, and in the living room. Of course I only ended up with one before picture…

Here is the after:

One big job I tackled was our books. I went through all the books in Mary’s room, all my schooling books, all our Catholic books, and all our picture books. It was a big job but my book shelves look great now. Mary had a huge pile of books at the end of her bed and they are nice and organized now:

It’s so nice not to have a ton of books falling off of that shelf!

Her toys are all organized into bins as well. It’s so nice to be in there

Luke’s room looks great too but I have no pictures. He is sleeping in there now.

I got super ambitious this afternoon and went through all of Alex’s clothes as well. I have a big bag for the consignment store, along with a big box of toys. I had gone through Mary’s and Luke’s not too long ago so they didn’t need to be gone through again.

I’m looking forward to the kitchen next week… I have a few cupboards that desperately need some attention.


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