Yarn Along

I’m making pretty good progress on Luke’s Easter milo, unfortunately I’m at the end of my yarn now and that means either taking all of my kids to the yarn store (ha!) or waiting until my husband is home on a weekend so I can go. Luke might not be getting a milo for Easter after all.

I’m reading Smart Parenting for Smart Kids on my kindle right now. Mary’s preschool teacher recommended it to me. She has completely blown her teachers away at school, they asked if we have considered having her tested for the gifted program at one of the schools here. We haven’t decided what to do, I am still leaning rather heavily towards homeschooling but we will probably check the program out just to see what they offer.

I’m re-reading The Well Trained Mind again also. I really like the idea of a classical education but I think it might be a little bit too structured for us, I want our kids to have the freedom to follow their interests and any rabbit trails that we might come across.


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