Yarn Along


Well, I just couldn’t do it. I ended up frogging my pink tiny tea leaves sweater and starting over. I had been working on a size 4 so it’s a good thing I started over, this time I cast on a 6.

All three of my little ones are in various stages of a cold, poor Alex wants nothing more than to lay on my chest (very unlike him!) so I’ve managed to get  quite a bit of knitting done. I finally got to the yarn store and finished Luke’s Milo:


I’ve also been getting in a fair amount of reading. I just finished ‘Stolen Innocence‘ by Elissa Wall last night. I have read a couple other books about women escaping the FLDS church but this one was really interesting, Elissa I’d one of the first girls to bring a lawsuit against Warren Jeffs.

I requested ‘The Write Start‘ from our library again. I love this book a lot, we have enjoyed many of the activities she suggests.


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