A Mary funny… and a smartypants moment.

I had to write this down so I would remember it…

Mary an Luke were playing doctor and Mary was tapping on his shin to test his reflexes and saying “laugh! laugh!”When he didn’t laugh she said “Oh! You must have a broken silly bone!”

She has been really into spelling things lately and trying to spell words instead of saying them like we do sometimes. It was dinner time and she asked “Daddy can I have some j-o-o-s with my dinner please?” We were both pretty impressed, she knows two o’s make an oo sound so she figured that is how you spell juice. We gave her some. 🙂


Pickled Asparagus

Aren’t they pretty? I am so in love with Mary Anne Dragan’s book Well Preserved. I made these last year for my dad but didn’t include the hot pepper that her pickled asparagus recipe recommends, this year I threw in an entire red thai chili pepper so we’ll see how it tastes!

Her asparabits recipe calls for red pepper flakes but I didn’t have any. I did however have an extra couple of chilies so I threw them both in one of the jars, hopefully they aren’t burn your face off hot!

I was *thrilled* to see a fruit truck parked outside our local Peavey Mart this morning. I stopped and grabbed 5lbs of cherries and I’m trying to decide what to make with them. I’ve never canned cherries before but a good friend lent me a cherry pitter so I think I might try some in light syrup. One can really only make so much jam…

Mary’s 4th Birthday Interview

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere ages ago and I loved it. I plan on doing it with each kid on their birthdays and then putting it on a page in their photobooks every year.

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How old are you now Mary? Four!
What’s your favorite color?  Pink
What’s your favorite drink? Uh.. Juice. (what kind) Raspberry, I mean apple. Apple is yummy.
What’s your favorite food? Waffles and pancakes
What’s your favorite game? I don’t know. Tag! I think. When I get lots of exercise and I catch someone.
What’s your favorite treat? This is a hard one. I think I know! Chocolate!!

What’s your favorite snack? Apples and cookies.
What’s your favorite restaurant? That’s a hard one too! The Chinese one (Wok Box)
What’s your favorite place? The one where there’s lots of toys, the bugs ear!!  (children’s clothing store) There’s lots of toys there.
What’s your favorite toy? My princesses. And Floxy’s mother. And my dress up princess stuff like my tiara.
Wha’ts your favorite book? The twilight stories! (Enid Blyton’s Twighlight story book)
What’s your favorite sport? I don’t know how to play sports. Nothing, I don’t know how to do that. But I do know how to play soccer but not with a team because I don’t like the red team. Because they always get the ball.
What’s your favorite movie? Tangled!!
What’s your favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Stella & Sam
What’s your favorite thing to do? A-HA!! Play with Luke, that funny boy!! And sit and read Zac books with Mommy.
What’s your favorite thing to wear? My Princess dress.
Whose your friend? I have lots of friends. Luke, Aspen, Kayla, Avery (the girl) I don’t know any more. Did you spell ‘I don’t know’? (yes.) Well erase that! You aren’t supposed to write the oopsies!
Whose your favorite person? Daddy!!
What is your favorite song? Puff the Magic Dragon!! 

Canning 2011!

Alright. It was really handy to have a list of what I did last year to go back to so I’m going to keep it here again.

Tigress in a Jam’s Rhubeena
– 4.5 lbs rhubarb = 4.5 pints rhubeena
 Yummy. Good in ginger ale so far!

Rhubarb Strawberry Jam (CFNG)
-2 batches (12 cups rhubarb, 6 strawberries. Needed 3 clam shells of strawberries)
-Each batch yielded 4 half pints
SO yummy!! I love rhubarb strawberry jam.

Rhubarb Orange Jam (CFNG)
-1 batch (9 cups rhubarb, 2 oranges)
-7 half pints
Yummy. Make in small jars, kind of strong.

Pickled Asparagus &; Asparabits (Well Preserved)
-did approx 8lbs into 7 pints of pickled asparagus & 3 pints of asparabits
– used red thai chili peppers for spice
– could not find yellow mustard seed so used brown
-dad, brother, and husband say not spicy enough, add more than one pepper.

Cherries in light syrup

-5lbs of cherries into 5 pints and 2 half pints
-they are alright, they taste good but they are too much work to bother with again.

Honey-Ginger Apricots (Canning for a New Generation)
-5lbs apricots into 6 pints
-left out the ginger

Pickled Beets & onions (Bernardin)
-bought 4 bags of baby beets from farmer’s market but, only got 4.5 pints though.
-note for next year: buy more beets than you think you need. May have to do more.

Red Hot Sauce (Bernardin)
-used 2 habaneros,  2 serranos, 2 thai chilli peppers, and the rest jalapenos. Hubby says even more peppers next time.
-5 half pints and 2 quarter pints

Steak Sauce (Putting Up More)

Balsamic & Tomato Salsa (Putting Up More)
-2 pints and 9 half pints

Butterscotch Peach Jam (Wellpreserved.ca)
-7 half pints
-this is SO yummy. It’s not really jam consistency but it’s perfect for pancakes and ice cream!!

-40lbs into 21 quarts in light syrup

-1 batch pluot jam
-this is delicious. I love pluots though.. One batch made 2 pints, 2 half pints, and 8 125ml jars.