Stir It Up Sunday 2013

I was just going to whip our Christmas Pudding together quickly this morning while the big kids were at church with their dad (a certain someone was just too sick to take to church) but after looking at pictures of last years’ Stir it up Sunday I just couldn’t make it without them. StiritupSunday-1-2


So I thought I would (wisely) get all the ingredients out so we could get right to it when they got home. Turns out it was not so wise because I came back 10 minutes later and found this:

Apparently someone wasn’t too sick to be causing trouble. Thank goodness he couldn’t reach the eggs! So I cleaned things up and we got to work. Christmas pudding is a big deal in my (very) English family so I was super nervous when I served it last year. Turns out it was amazing and my Grandad had 3 servings!! Hopefully it is just as good this year. Apparently my great great grandmother used to make her Christmas puddings on Boxing Day and keep them in her cold room for an entire year, periodically pouring more alcohol on them. Maybe we’ll try that this year….

StiritupSunday-4 StiritupSunday-3 StiritupSunday-1 StiritupSunday-2