Yarn Along

This is a pretty accurate picture of the last week around here. Sick kids… absolutely no reading… and a little bit of knitting (when I finally manage to get Alex to sleep on my chest).

I’m loving knitting with this yarn, although whatever possessed me to start to knit a sweater for me in fingering weight yarn I’ll never know. What was I thinking? Perhaps it will be done for Christmas?

Whatever this bug my poor little ones have is pretty nasty. I managed to kick it pretty fast in the older ones with lots of echinacea with goldenseal, herbal biotics, and some emergenC. Alex on the other hand isn’t old enough for those things so he wasn’t so lucky. We spend the day in emergency yesterday when he started turning blue when he was coughing. I was finally allowed to bring him home but he is hardly nursing and having a very hard time breathing so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to stay out. Sick babies are not fun.


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