Four Months.

Alex… Alex… Alex… you are four months old now!! Every month that I have written these posts I have hoped that the next month I would be able to post about how happy you have become.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

While you have definitely started smiling grinning more you still demand to be carried a lot of the time.

You have discovered toys this month, your moose and octopus being particular favourites. You will hold them and play with them in a seat for a few minutes which is a big help to mom!

You still hate the bath with a passion and scream as soon as a drop of water touches you. But you have started to make friends with your car seat, you don’t cry the entire time you are in it anymore, in fact there have been a few trips that you have stayed happy! It helps that your sister is sitting beside you, you love her a lot.

Another thing you tolerate for a few minutes when you’re in just the right mood love is your jumperoo! You love to be upright and being able to watch what is going on.

You’re a big boy, 17.5lbs already, mommy gets quite a workout packing you around all day!

It’s been so fun to see little pieces of your personality emerging, things are really starting to get fun!!


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