Best Winter Ever.

So this winter officially wins the ‘Best Winter Ever’ award. We have had the mildest temperatures anyone can remember and very very little snow. If we have to have winter this is definitely my ideal weather for it.

We managed to drag get ourselves out the door in time for 9:00am mass this morning, it’s amazing how much more day you have when you get out of church at 10!

We had a few errands to do, along with a few projects at home but afterwards (since it was +5°C!!) we decided to go for a walk.

Alex enjoyed himself from the comfort of my sweater. I love my beco. It gets used daily with my little monster.

We had a great time exploring the ‘forest of Mary and Luke’ which happens to include an old couch…

It was very odd.

We then walked over to the lake…

It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.


One thought on “Best Winter Ever.

  1. Love you’re pictures! They turned out awesome! It was definitely a great way to spend a sunday.

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