Happy Valentine’s Day!

I admit, before we had kids I didn’t like Valentine’s day. I told my husband back when we were dating that I didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, I’m not into sappy holidays. Today we learned about St. Valentine and talked about ways to be more loving to people in our lives. It was tons of fun.

We started our morning with some pink, heart shaped french toast, pink juice, and berries. (see the pretty flowers my wonderful hubby brought me? He knows I don’t like roses or carnations, I got a beautiful boquet of daisies. I decided that I can make an exception in my no presents for Valentines for pretty flowers.)
We watched a couple Valentine cartoons and read the story of St. Valentine. Unfortunately dh had to work late so we decided to push our fancy dinner to a different night.

We dropped Mary off at school for her preschool Valentine’s party (which she has been talking about non stop for weeks) and the boys and I went and delivered a couple secret Valentines that we had packed up this morning. Luke loved sneaking up to their doors and dropping off our parcels.

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day as well!


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