Happy Halloween! 2012

We did lots of fun Halloween activities on Saturday, I’m glad we did now because according to the weather network it’s going to be -21 Wednesday! That is going to put a bit of a damper on trick or treating fun.

Our Famer’s Market has a Halloween party for the kids. They get passports and go around to each vendor getting them stamped and collecting candy.
Alex had a blast. He got a lot of attention in his adorable dragon costume.
Filled passports!

After we were done at the Farmer’s Market we went to the All Saint’s Day carnival our church was having. There were lots of little saint themed games for them to play.

Luke loved the doughnut on a string!

Mary did great at bean bag toss!
…and Alex enjoyed wreaking havoc at every opportunity.


One thought on “Happy Halloween! 2012

  1. Gasp! A blog post. how very exciting 🙂 Looks like you guys are having fun. Hopefully it doesn’t get to -21C tomorrow night.

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