Canning 2012

Bread & Butter Pickles– (recipe in hungry soup) 8 lbs pickling cucumbers into 8 pints of bread & butter.

We love these just as much as we did last year. YUM.

*eta: Did 13 more pints tonight for a total of 20 for this year.
70lbs pickles, 21 pints bread & butter, 3.5 lbs into relish, 2 quarts and 1 pickle jar into fermented pickles

Peach BBQ sauce (page 263 Bernardin)- This is tasty. We didn’t have any hot pepper flakes so I added some Jack Daniel’s instead and let it cook down a lot. The recipe says it makes 8 half pints but we only got 6. It’s really delicious on chicken and fish!

Pickled Green Beans– (Well Preserved)
We all love these, 9lbs of green beans into 17.5 pints.
Picked green beans at Summer’s Gold u-pick for $1.50/lb

Dilled Carrots (Bernarding) 15lbs of carrots into 13 pints

Sweet Relish (recipe here) double batch made 7 1/4 pints.
This is SO yummy, exactly what I was looking for in a relish.

Corn Relish
16 ears local sweet corn was 12 cups, three small red peppers, one large green, 5-6 on the vine tomatoes.
Recipe made 10 pints exactly.

*this is so yummy we went and got more corn and made a second batch. Next year wait until beginning of September to buy corn, cobs are much bigger (more corn for $).  4 pints, 10 half pints. Added 4 seeded jalapenos to this batch, added flavour but no heat. Husband wants more heat.

Peaches: 18 into Peach Honey Butter (got 8 half pints) I let this cook down a ton, it would have been much tastier if I hadn’t burnt it a little bit.

6 cups into Peach Pie Jam (SB Canning) This is delicious!!! So yummy. Got 7 half pints


1kg figs into double recipe of strawberry fig jam. This is fantastic!!! Exactly 7 half pints. (recipe here)


lots of plucots into plucot jam for my grandad. Made 3 batches of recipe in certo box. Each recipe makes 4 pints. *note: this jam is delicious. Like really good. We never make enough for us.


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