Project: Simplify

Sometimes it feels like taking care of Alex is enough penance for 10 Lents… however, along with giving up computer use during the day I am going to participate with SimpleMom’s  Project: Simplify.

I like the idea of doing 40 bags in 40 days but I have been slowly working at decluttering over the last few months and I think organizing my now decluttered spaces is what needs to happen more than anything.

With all the time that has been freed up from not using the computer I’m thinking I’m going to have one sparkly house come Easter!


3 thoughts on “Project: Simplify

  1. I LOVE your idea of giving up computer use during the day. I’ve thought a lot recently about challenging myself to give up computer use for a month (or some other period of time) but it’s going to be extremely hard to do as I have to use computers for work. I will try to figure out a way. Good luck organizing!!!

  2. Thanks!! It has been difficult, especially since my evenings are so busy after the kids are in bed I am finding I am too tired to spend any time online when I finally get a chance. It’s a good thing I suppose…

    You could give up personal use, anything non work related. That would be difficult. We need to catch up… I will message you to set up a skype date once Nathaniel is finally home.

  3. Yes to a catch up (when you have time)! I have been meaning to ask if Mr. Alex is getting any less angry, as the photos I see of him seem to suggest that may be the case (I’m hoping). Either that, or he is getting good at posing as a happy baby for the camera 🙂

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