Our Lent plan

I’m a little late getting this up, I’ve given up using my computer during the day for Lent and so blogging time has become rather sparse, especially with little miss Most of my plans for Lent this year came from the book “Guiding your Catholic Preshooler.” I really love that book and have incorporated a lot of ideas (such as the Lenten calendar above) into my planning.

We are keeping things fairly simple for Mary. She chose a toy (her camera!) to give up for Lent, we have a box for food for the poor that she picks an item for every day, and we are saying more prayers as a family every night before bed.

It is very important to me to surround my kids with good, living books. I find it is such a simple way to really bring Saints and the Church alive for them.

I scour used book websites and ebay to find some of the out of print books and this year managed to add a few I’m super excited about, like Mary, mother of Jesus and Saints: Lives and Illuminations

Here are a few more that I have out in our Lent/Easter basket:

I really can’t recommend The Story of the Cross highly enough. It is the best book I have found to bring the Stations of the Cross down to Mary’s level.

The Story of Easter is a really neat book too, it includes the history of Easter eggs and a few other Easter traditions and how they relate back to Jesus in a way that is easy for little ones to understand.

All of Brian Wildsmith’s books have stunning illustrations, I brought out Mary and The Story of Easter (which I apparently forgot to take a picture of). We love looking at the illustrations in his books.

I took out a bunch of Father Lovasik books for Easter, including Good Saint Joseph. We also have Father and Son to read for St. Joseph’s feast day.

Mary can’t wait for St. Patrick’s day this year. I’m not sure why but she is just so excited about it. Tomie de Paola’s Patrick and St. Patrick and the Peddler (which I can’t find a link for) are a couple of our favourites.

I could talk about books all day, I’ll blog a little bit more about what we are doing to make Friday’s and Sunday’s different next week.


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