Yarn Along 4

Well I swore to myself after last weeks yarn along that I wouldn’t still be working on this hat for Luke next yarn along. But here I am… one week later and it’s still not done. It’s close though! I have to knit the band for around the bottom and sew it on and then we will be done.

I had my first encounter with the kitchener stitch this weekend, the pattern called for it to stitch up the back of the hat. It was easier than I had originally thought… I only had to watch the video 7 or 8 times. 😉

I was relieved after trying it on Luke that it will indeed fit him this winter and probably next winter too, I would be mighty sad after spending all that time knitting if he only wore it for a few months!

Seriously what did people do before youtube??

This week I’ve been reading Embers of Love by Tracie Peterson on my ipad, I love being able to borrow ebooks from my library!!

I’m also reading The Creative Family again. I requested it from my library three months ago now and just got it. I wish my library would order extra copies of popular books!! I’m so excited Amanda Blake Soule has another book coming out! I have Creative Play for Your Toddler which I love and I think I’m going to love her next book just as much.

In my mug this week is a most delicious tea called creamy earl grey. I love the tea lady at my farmer’s market. Earl Grey isn’t normally my favourite but this is a really yummy tea.

I’m not sure how much knitting will be done this week. I have one sick little man who wants nothing more than to sit in my lap and watch “ha ha” (Curious George) or “dee go!” (Diego). The poor boy can’t breathe at all and all he will eat is oranges and applesauce. Hopefully this doesn’t last a full week like it did for his sister!

Exhibit A: a very sick boy with his blankey. 


15 thoughts on “Yarn Along 4

  1. I had to watch the youtube video on the kitchener stitch quite a few times before I got the hang of it to and thank goodness for youtube!! I know, what would we do without it these days? I just had to use it to find out how to cast on stitches in the middle of my knitting 🙂 Hope your little one feels better soon.

  2. I agree about youtube! It's been so helpful to me as well 🙂 You yarn is so cute, it will look adorable on your son. Hope everyone feels better soon. We had a cold go through our house last week, I am optimistic that maybe we are done for the winter!

  3. I have yet to read any of Amanda's books. I guess I should as I visit her site everyday, don't we all :)? No clue what the kitchener stitch is yet, still working on the basics :). All of you amazing knitters inspire me!!

  4. I love Amanda's books too and I've already pre-ordered her new one. The gradient yarn is beautiful. Great choice for a hat!

  5. I have a little one with an ear infection today:(

    The YouTube video confused the heck out of me, but the instructions in my book, Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques was so easy to follow that I did 80 stitches of Kitchener while watching a Netflix!

    I need to take a look at Amanda's books, too. Our paltry rural library has nothing…

  6. Oh how I love YouTube. That is how I taught myself to knit almost two years ago now. And I always head there when I come across a stitch or something I don't get. Love it!

    Amanda's books are just amazing! I cant' wait for the new one to come out. I own both of the others and was blessed to go an hear her speak at a book signing (my aniversary present).

    The tea sounds warming. There has been lot of tea in mugs here as well. I plan to knit a tea cozy soon.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  7. I love Amanda's books, and I am also very excited about her new one.
    That hat sounds like it was a lot of fun to knit.

  8. Get well wishes to your little man! We're in our 2nd week with sick kids here… Just keeping my fingers crossed that I won't catch it to. I hate being down wit a sore throat and a runny nose…
    My 5 yo loves Curious George too, and it's so cute when he sits and play with his lego and sing the intro song from the serie 🙂

  9. Kitchener stitch has to be one of the easiest stitches that sounds utterly terrifying. lol, when I was first learning it, I must have watched youtube for DAYS before attempting!

    And yay! for a new book by Soule Mama…can't wait!

  10. my thoughts exactly about what did beginner knitters do before YouTube? i'm a very visual person & i had to watch the kitchener's stitch video several times before i could do it

  11. Oh Poor little guy, I know just how he feels, it's been my week to be sick in our family 😦 The hat will be so wonderful, just love those blues. I have Amanda's first book too, it's a good one!

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