Simple Woman’s Daybook: July 12 2010

Outside my window… it is *finally* cooling down a little. Our house has been 28°C or hotter for a week and we have been dying! I love summer and warmth but that was just too hot. Especially since we don’t have air conditioning. We seriously looked into getting one but to spend $200+ for something we would maybe use 2 weeks a year didn’t seem very smart.

I am thinking…
about Elizabeth’s recent blog series Velveteen Me. Lots of food for thought there!

I am thankful for…
new shoes! My sketchers finally bit the dust and so we went off in search of new shoes. Saturday we went to the farmer’s market and visited a nearby shoe store, it’s usually too expensive for us but they were having amazing sales! I got a pair of keen whisper sandals and a pair of Mary Jane shoes for half of what the sandals normally cost! The kids and I have been going on tons of walks and we have been doing family hikes every weekend so it was time to invest in some shoes that don’t give me blisters. 🙂

From the kitchen…
not much has been happening! I haven’t turned my oven on in over a week not wanting to add to the heat in here so we have been eating whatever I can scrounge out of the freezer.

I am wearing…
a denim skirt and green t-shirt. Nothing exciting.

I am creating…
rhythm and order within my home. With so much traveling and visiting in the last month it is so nice to settle back into our routine. So much peace and calmness is created when little ones know what to expect throughout the day.

I am going…
nowhere for the next two weeks but the month of August is going to be nuts! We’ll start off with a family reunion and from there I don’t think we get much of a break until September. Lots of visiting and summer fun though so it won’t be too bad.

I am reading…
Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss again. Time to start thinking about what Mary and I are going to do in the fall.

I am hoping (and praying!)…
that my friend who came here to visit her boyfriend will make smart choices from now on. She is sleeping on my couch right now because he got drunk last night and was really awful to her. She needs to get him OUT of her life for good. Why do nice girls keep going back to losers like him?

I am hearing…
the sounds of the fan blowing cool air in from outside. Since naptime is the only time I get to blog there are no other little voices to distract me.

Around the house…
almost everything is in it’s place. Another perk of routine is my house stays way cleaner!

One of my favorite things…
toes with no blisters! Dh has been after me forever to get new shoes, I should have listened ages ago.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Well the kids and I are on our own so we are going have a laid back week. Play group, parks, perhaps some thrift store shopping. 🙂

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

  I wasn’t sold on them at first, they aren’t exactly my normal kind of sandal but they are SO comfy and I love walking in them. This might just be the first time I have ever bought practical shoes over pretty ones… what is happening to me!?


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