Celebrating All Saints Day


While we do usually take our kids trick or treating on Halloween (it was -25 and windy last night so it just didn’t happen) we try to put more emphasis on All Saints Day. I pulled out some of our favourite picture books about the saints and we have had a fun and relaxing day reading and learning about our friends in Heaven.

I printed some saintly colouring pages for them to colour while listening to stories.

We will listen to the Amazing Angels and Super Saints episode of Cat Chat. My kids LOVE cat chat, they can be purchased through itunes. We will also listen some of our Glory Stories (also downloaded from itunes), we love these as well.

Some favourites from our collection:
Saints: Lives & Illuminations

Picture Book of Saints

Saints for Young Readers for Every Day

Book of Saints

We are hoping to carve our pumpkins in to Saint-O-Lanterns today but it might have to wait until this weekend. I love the idea of taking Halloween traditions and turning them into Saintly ones.