A Palm Sunday Daybook

My Daybook :: Palm Sunday- March 24th


 Outside my window… A fresh foot of snow. Here we were all hoping spring might be coming early after all. Ha.

I am thinking…
  That we haven’t missed having cable TV at all since we cancelled it at the beginning of Lent. We still have netflix and my father in law just hooked me up with an HDMI adapter so I can hook up my computer to my tv to watch ewtn. It’s pretty great!

I am thankful… For the sacrament of reconciliation and planning ahead. Our parish has reconciliation from 5:30 to 6:30 on Saturday evening (WORST time ever if you have small children but that’s okay…). We always try to get there early or right at 5:30 so we don’t have to wait long with the kids, thank goodness we did yesterday because it would seem that we weren’t the only ones who thought it would be a good idea to go before holy week. By the time we left there were at least 50 people waiting in line for the two available priests!

Learning all the time
Copy work. We won’t do much official school work this week, I have a few fun crafts planned instead.

Celebrating the liturgical year
Holy week is here! We will be spending lots of time reading our Easter stories this week and taking some extra quiet prayer time.

From the kitchen…

Waffles! Everyone had a hankering for waffles after church today so instead of going out for breakfast we stopped and bought a waffle maker. The oatmeal-honey waffles we had for brunch were delicious!! Peanut butter, bananas, and maple syrup on top = best waffle ever.

I am working on…
Plans for the Easter season. I found a copy of The Garden of the Good Shepherd and I’m excited to do it as a family.

I am creating… Felted Easter eggs. At least I hope I am. Big plans for this week, I think Mary and Luke will enjoy wet felting, I hope to try it with them one afternoon.

I am going…  To mass Holy Thursday and then to adoration afterwards. I have no nursing baby who needs me this year, I’m looking forward to some quiet prayer time.

I am praying… For more patience. Spring just can’t come soon enough, I’m starting to go a little stir crazy cooped up in here!
I am reading… The Bible. Father encouraged us today at mass to read a passion account every day during holy week. We’re going to do that with our kids as well.

Pondering these words… “You will never have more happiness than you have discipline in your life” -Matthew Kelly

I am listening…  To Matthew Kelly talk about The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality. If you do a google search for it you will find a free video, it’s a really great talk and definitely worth watching.

Around the house… Everything is working so well!!! My father in law stayed here for four days with my big kids while we were out of town and fixed everything in here that was broken! He is a very handy guy to have around. Having them come was good encouragement to get a few organizing projects done so my house is in tip top shape, just in time for Easter.
One of my favorite things… 
Dance studio pants from Lulu.  I’ve been saving for months for our trip to a home school conference knowing that I would have an opportunity to do some good shopping. I was disappointed in most of the stores we went to looking for clothing but I may never take off these pants!

This week’s plans…
Monday: Sparks for Mary
Tuesday: Luke goes to preschool, Mary to co-op
Wednesday: Playdate with friends!
Thursday: Preschool for Luke, Mass and Adoration (all by myself!!)
Friday: Good Friday Tea? If I can get it together in time.

A little peek at my day…
It’s a bad cell phone picture but I just couldn’t resist taking a quick shot of the kids waving their palms. It was so sweet.

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