Yarn Along: The First Week of Advent


Our Advent has started out wonderfully. I’m really enjoying the extra family time in the evening when we do our Jesse tree, pray together, read a Christmas story, and add a sticker to our Advent Calendar.


On the knitting front, I took a brief break from the endless ruffle scarves (I have 5 done now! I’m getting faster, I can pump one out in a couple hours) to crochet a hat for the baby one of my friends had today. I got to hold her tonight, she wasn’t even 12 hours old!!


(excuse the terrible cell phone picture)

We are enjoying our Advent Storybook and my husband and I are reading an Advent devotional every night.

I’m looking forward to giving the kids the books St. Nicholas is bringing tomorrow. Mary has been asking a lot of questions about Santa lately, she is very skeptical and we just aren’t sure how we want to handle it. We put most of our focus on Jesus and other Catholic traditions, so up until now Santa has just been a little side game. I’m not sure what is stopping me from just telling her he isn’t real, it seems like such a big deal… I’m just not sure why? Any insight? How do you handle Santa?

Joining up with Ginny’s yarn along again this week. Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: The First Week of Advent

  1. when my oldest was little (18 years ago. eeep) we “did” santa, the whole thing. but over a short amount of time we just thought… i don’t know. we just decided to nix that. we told her and our oldest son and their biggest concern was… would there still be christmas? still be gifts? lol go figure. we do talk about st. nick, but as the real man and his story not some fictional guy who makes gifts for everyone. which was another hard thing. how do you tell kids that santa brings gifts to everyone when some children from poorer homes get little to nothing? you would think santa would be most generous to them.

    • Those are excellent points, we were just talking with her a couple days ago about why we should buy toys for children whose parent’s can’t afford them. I’m interested to see how she responds to the books about Santa and the Christ Child ‘St. Nicholas’ is bringing her.

  2. Such a lovely baby hat!! Crocheted hats are definitely one of my go-to gifts!
    I love the picture of your husband reading to the little ones.
    As for the Santa question, my siblings and I all went to public schools, which made Santa unavoidable. With my oldest brother, my mom said she didn’t ‘teach’ Santa, but all the neighbors (among other people) always asked him about what Santa was bringing. My fiance is very anti-Santa, but as a couple, we haven’t really talked about what we would do with our children.
    Sorry, that was a long answer to say I’m not much help. I’m interested in seeing what you do end up telling her. 🙂

    • I can see how being in public school would make it a lot harder to avoid Santa. I definitely don’t want my kid to be the one to ruin the magic for kids who do believe in him!!

      I used to think we would be anti-Santa. They enjoy it so much though, so hopefully we will be able to find a balance with our main focus on Jesus and His birthday with a few fun traditions on the side. 🙂

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