Yarn Along: Christmas Knitting Edition

I am currently really enjoying Mary Reed Newland’s books. It started when I opened my copy of The Year and Our Children from Better World Books. That is by far my favourite book to go to when I’m looking for ideas for feast days and other liturgical celebrations. I can’t even express how thrilled I was to see that the copy they sent me was from when it was first published in 1958, it is definitely has a special place in my collection.

I just started How to Raise Good Catholic Children and have We and Our Children on it’s way to me, I plan on reading it during Advent.

Another exciting find this week was Show Me a Story by Emily Neuburger. It was sitting on the display of new books when we went to pick up our holds and I grabbed it because it looked fun. It is a fabulous book, full of neat ideas to encourage story telling. I have bookmarked a few of them and hope to make them for Christmas.

On the knitting front I had the brilliant idea to knit ruffle scarves for my son’s preschool teachers for Christmas. The first couple were kind of fun to but I need to make 6 of them and it’s getting a little tedious. Fortunately they are pretty mindless so I can work on them while dh and I watch The Big Bang Theory in the evening. We’re on season 4, I’m hoping I can finish them before we get caught up!!

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5 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Christmas Knitting Edition

  1. I love the book suggestion– I’m adding it to my list of books for “after marriage”
    Scarves are always a great gift– It is so generous of you to be making them for all the teachers 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you happened to pick up that book. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on it! Is it worth waiting for? Sounds like there are a few good things in it. Lucky you! Btw I see some blog transformations happening around here. Looks good! I

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