Celebrating St. Nicholas Day with Kids

St. Nicholas day is celebrated on December 6th. There are lots of different traditions surrounding this generous saint, this is what we do in our family. Click here to see our 2010 celebrations.

The St. Nicholas Center website has lots of explanations and ideas for celebrating the day.

The night before the kids leave their shoes out with a carrot or apple for St. Nicholas’ horse and some cookies out for the Saint himself (our kids know this is a game, and that a man an horse aren’t actually going to come into our home. That would terrify them).

In the morning they will wake up to a candy cane, orange, and some chocolate coins in a pair of new slippers. They will also each get a new picture book to add to our collection.

Mrs. Sharp says “Saint Nicholas’s visit provides our family with enough foretaste of Christmas to make the waiting pleasurable, and it enables us to look outside ourselves to the holiday needs of others. We can never outgrow the magic of a visit from Saint Nicholas. Invite him into your homes this year and see for yourself.”

We’ll spend the day reading our favourite St. Nicholas picture books and making St. Nicholas hot chocolate to deliver to a few friends.

Here are some of of the St. Nicholas books in our collection:
The Legend of Saint Nicholas (we don’t own this yet but it’s one of my favourites)

The Miracle of St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

The Saint Who Became Santa Claus

This year we are adding:
Santa and the Christ Child
A Special Place for Santa
Merry Christmas Strega Nona
We’re also surprising them with Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving.


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