The problem with homeschooling.

As home schoolers we love books and we have a lot of them. I’m fairly certain the situation we find ourselves in is not unique to us: lots and lots of books, not enough room on the bookshelves.

I drool longingly over solid wood bookshelves online but the price tags always hold me back. One day I would love to have a library in my home, and bookshelves in every room; all of them filled with books to inspire my children’s imagination. Today though I was quite happy to settle for a nice new bookshelf for our living room.

It is challenging finding a nice looking, sturdy book shelf that isn’t made of mdf for a decent price. We lucked out finding a nice one (on sale!!) this weekend. I wish we had been earlier because we would have bought at least 2!

Everyone was excited to help put it together. Alex especially had a great time making sure he was *right* where the action was.

I love books. When we started changing around our living room back in August we took out the old (cheap) bookshelves we had from my University days. We haven’t had any books out in our living room since then with the exception of our seasonal book basket. I have missed our books but I didn’t realize how much until I started unpacking boxes of them and organizing them on my new shelf.

One of my favourite things is a neatly organized full bookshelf. However, our collection of picture books is not exactly conducive to neat and organized. My husband had a great time making fun of my frustration with different sized books that wouldn’t fit nicely in their place. Despite his suggestions that we just cut the books that were too long or wide I persisted and for the most part found a system that works.

Yay. There is something so happy about seeing all our Catholic picture books lined up along their shelf. They are so much more accessible!


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