Our last family ‘vacation’ for a looooooooong time.

He looks cute. It’s an act. Don’t buy it.

My husband started a new job recently, he is working for himself now and had to purchase a truck. We decided to go to a nearby big city to do this and figured we might as well spend a couple extra days and take the kids to a huge, super fun mall.

There is a giant indoor water park, indoor theme park, and tons of shopping there. It would have been the perfect vacation had a certain baby not been even more miserable than normal while we were there (apparently that is possible, who knew?). I kept him in the beco most of the time which helped. I think I lost 6lbs packing that boy!

They all had a blast in the wave pool. I had a blast reading my book.

Maybe there is hope for Alex liking the water after all! It didn’t last long but he did have some fun.

The mall has a fabulous thing where certain times of the day families can go to the park and ride rides or go to the water park for only $20, it was great.

We did have a pretty good time, I definitely had a lot of fun shopping!! However, we won’t be attempting a trip like that until Alex is MUCH older.


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