Tattler lids!!

I have had my eye on Tattler lids for quite a while, they are reusable and bpa free so when I saw that they were doing a wagjag deal I jumped on it.

They have been calling to me from their box in my laundry room waiting for me to find something (and the time!) to can.

I was so excited to see meyer lemons in our grocery store. I’ve never come across them before so I grabbed some.

They are beautiful! I decided on this lemon pearberry jam and some meyer lemon curd.

I had very willing helpers, Luke was thrilled to be allowed to use a knife. The jam is really pretty, and tasty!!I was a little bit nervous to use my Tattler lids for the first time, I had heard there is a bit of a learning curve.

I talked to my sister in law and got some pointers from her and followed the directions on the website and I am happy to say that all my jars sealed!!

I can’t wait for canning season now, I’m totally in love with my new Tattler lids!


conversations with Mary

This is the conversation Mary and Nathaniel had while getting ready for bath time tonight.

Mary: You know dad, all things come to an end… even life.

Daddy: That’s true… but you know where Jesus and God, and the angels live?

M: On earth?

D: No Mary, in Heaven… for people who love Jesus, when their life ends they get to go to Heaven and start a new life with Jesus and that life never ends.

M: And then there’s some people who don’t. They go out to outer space.