Family Day 2012 (alternately titled: I’m madly in love with my blender…)

The third Monday of Februrary is family day where we live. I was nervous my dear husband was going to be called into work but he wasn’t and we spent a wonderful day as a family. We started out with a special breakfast, ice cream and french toast with warm pear syrup.

Luke helped me make the pear syrup, he is my little helper any time I’m in the kitchen. He’s not a fan of loud noises though and often runs to his room and shuts the door when I turn on the blender (apparently it has a bigger motor than our lawn mower… no wonder it’s loud!).We got our vitamix from a lady on kijiji for $40. I didn’t realize what an awesome deal that was until I saw them at Costco this weekend for $500! We stopped and watched the demo and the things they did with the blender completely amazed me, I have been using it every chance I get since then!

After 4 minutes on high our pear syrup was almost boiling, it was really tasty!

After we finished the syrup we made ice cream. I was skeptical that we could make decent ice cream in a blender but I was wrong!

1 cup almond milk, a big spoon full of honey, a bunch of frozen peaches and blueberries turned into amazing ice cream. Mary and Luke thought it was the best breakfast ever!

I didn’t try it because I don’t like blueberries but hubby and I had some super tasty strawberry stuff after the kids were in bed.

Alex wanted some in the worst way. Unfortunately he’ll have to settle for fingers for a few months yet.

I have a feeling ‘ice cream’ for breakfast is going to turn into a tradition around here, they have asked to have it again every morning so far.

We spent the rest of the day playing games, building forts with our couches, and ended watching the Winnie the Pooh movie. It was a wonderful family day, we need to remember to dedicate days to just playing with our kids all day more often. 🙂


One thought on “Family Day 2012 (alternately titled: I’m madly in love with my blender…)

  1. Looks like you guys had a fun family day! Ice cream for breaky is a fun idea. We had coconut ice cream with German pancakes recently and it was delicious 🙂

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