Tattler lids!!

I have had my eye on Tattler lids for quite a while, they are reusable and bpa free so when I saw that they were doing a wagjag deal I jumped on it.

They have been calling to me from their box in my laundry room waiting for me to find something (and the time!) to can.

I was so excited to see meyer lemons in our grocery store. I’ve never come across them before so I grabbed some.

They are beautiful! I decided on this lemon pearberry jam and some meyer lemon curd.

I had very willing helpers, Luke was thrilled to be allowed to use a knife. The jam is really pretty, and tasty!!I was a little bit nervous to use my Tattler lids for the first time, I had heard there is a bit of a learning curve.

I talked to my sister in law and got some pointers from her and followed the directions on the website and I am happy to say that all my jars sealed!!

I can’t wait for canning season now, I’m totally in love with my new Tattler lids!


2 thoughts on “Tattler lids!!

  1. Cute Peekaboo Beans dress Mary 🙂 Claire has the same one but in a different colour (and size). Glad to hear they all sealed! The jam looks fabulous.

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