Three months!


It’s hard to believe three months have passed since you joined our family Mr. Alex, it is so cliche but it really does feel like you’ve always been here.


You are getting bigger and bigger by the day, you are over 15bs now and just starting to be too long for your 12 month sleepers.


Despite the smiles and occasional giggle we get out of you you are still a pretty angry little guy. You are definitely starting to be interested in whats going on around you, and you really love to watch Mary and Luke play. Sometimes you’ll even sit in your bouncy chair for 10 minutes without crying!!


Your first road trip was a huge success. We got you a new big car seat and in the hopes that it would help you scream less and sure enough you like it! We only stopped twice on the way there and once on the way back! Rockstar baby!!


You slept through your first Christmas morning (which let us open presents in peace!), next year will be much more exciting.

You really loved your poppa and had a lot of conversations with him, when you are in a good mood you talk and coo and smile like crazy. You also started holding onto toys a little bit this month, you especially love the octopus, just like your brother and sister did. You can get your fingers in your mouth now and enjoy chewing on them, you had a tooth break through over Christmas so I think chewing on your fingers helps your sore gums.

Here’s to getting older and a much happier fourth month!


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