Alex: one month!

Mr. Alex, you are one month old already! You’re getting so big, we already had to pack away all of the 3 and 6 month size jammies!

You don’t really like anything that doesn’t involve your mommy right now. You scream any time we put you in the car seat, in the bath, or for that matter pretty much anytime you aren’t in someone’s arms.

We’ve been taking you to the chiropractor though and that seems to be helping. You have your best sleeps after adjustments.

Your siblings adore you and are desperate for you to play with them. Mary is a big help and tries to rock you and play with the sunshine toy with you when Mommy needs to put you down but you aren’t really a fan yet.You spend lots of time all wrapped up next to mommy in a carrier.

We’re desperately trying to convince you to take a sucky but haven’t had much luck yet. Hopefully you will agree soon, it would make all of our lives so much easier!


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