Happy Halloween!

This is the first year we really did anything for Halloween. In the past the kids were just too young to get much out of it so we didn’t bother. This year, being school, Mary was a lot more aware of Halloween so we decided to get a little more into it. This is the spooky face Mary drew for Nathaniel to carve into our pumpkin.

He did a great job!

They loved it.

On Saturday our Farmer’s Market had a special Halloween thing for kids, the vendors hid little paper pumpkins somewhere on the booth and when the kids spotted them they got a sticker in a little booklet. If they collected 20 stickers they got a prize. Most of the vendors handed out candy as well, we came home with quite a bit of loot! Both kids had a blast looking for pumpkins and trick-or-treating!!

My fireman and princess at the farmer’s market.

Alex dressed up too but he stayed happily snuggled up to Mom.

Happy, sleeping baby. So long as he is squished up next to Mom that is.

Showing off their prizes. Mary picked a little pink barbie and Luke picked a giant hairy spider (perfect for scaring his sister!!)

It would appear that the pictures from Halloween night are still on the camera, so that post will have to wait until tomorrow.


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