Mary’s 4th Birthday Interview

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere ages ago and I loved it. I plan on doing it with each kid on their birthdays and then putting it on a page in their photobooks every year.

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How old are you now Mary? Four!
What’s your favorite color?  Pink
What’s your favorite drink? Uh.. Juice. (what kind) Raspberry, I mean apple. Apple is yummy.
What’s your favorite food? Waffles and pancakes
What’s your favorite game? I don’t know. Tag! I think. When I get lots of exercise and I catch someone.
What’s your favorite treat? This is a hard one. I think I know! Chocolate!!

What’s your favorite snack? Apples and cookies.
What’s your favorite restaurant? That’s a hard one too! The Chinese one (Wok Box)
What’s your favorite place? The one where there’s lots of toys, the bugs ear!!  (children’s clothing store) There’s lots of toys there.
What’s your favorite toy? My princesses. And Floxy’s mother. And my dress up princess stuff like my tiara.
Wha’ts your favorite book? The twilight stories! (Enid Blyton’s Twighlight story book)
What’s your favorite sport? I don’t know how to play sports. Nothing, I don’t know how to do that. But I do know how to play soccer but not with a team because I don’t like the red team. Because they always get the ball.
What’s your favorite movie? Tangled!!
What’s your favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Stella & Sam
What’s your favorite thing to do? A-HA!! Play with Luke, that funny boy!! And sit and read Zac books with Mommy.
What’s your favorite thing to wear? My Princess dress.
Whose your friend? I have lots of friends. Luke, Aspen, Kayla, Avery (the girl) I don’t know any more. Did you spell ‘I don’t know’? (yes.) Well erase that! You aren’t supposed to write the oopsies!
Whose your favorite person? Daddy!!
What is your favorite song? Puff the Magic Dragon!! 

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