Our Favourite Children’s Books: part 2

Today’s favourite books are the My First Little House series. Like most girls I was in love with the Little House on the Prairie series as a little girl. I read my set so many times they literally fell apart.

After taking them out of the library constantly for months I ordered Mary the entire set of 13 books (from christianbook.com) and they are very well loved. I rotate them seasonally so she doesn’t get bored with them.

 They are filled with colourful, inviting illustrations which I absolutely love and are very well written. I also love that the books really teach the morals and values of Larua’s time. For example, the book above Summertime in the Big Woods Mary and Laura are each given cookies for helping an elderly neighbour but they both only eat half of their cookie and take the rest home to share with their baby sister.

Included in the series are a few books about Laura’s future husband Almanzo. Winter on the Farm, and County fair are both great books, Luke loves Winter on the Farm.

I love these books, I can’t wait until Mary is old enough to really delve into the Little House books but until then this has satisfied my desire to share them with her.


One thought on “Our Favourite Children’s Books: part 2

  1. I didn't even know these ones existed – too cool!

    We have the set of the chapter books already. I think our girls might be too old for this set – well, Olivia would probably still like them now, but not for long. Hmmm, still tempting 😉

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