My Daybook: January 17th

I can’t believe it’s Monday again already… January is flying by!

Outside my window… Record amounts of snow!! We haven’t had snow like this since the winter I was pregnant with Mary, we got 2 feet this weekend alone!

That is our deck, if I threw Luke out there he would disappear completely! My poor husband spent the entire weekend shoveling.

I am thinking…
about how we are going to clear out all the stuff in the room that will (hopefully) soon be Luke’s room. He has spent his first 21 months in our walk in closet but I am pretty sure he is weaning (sniff…) now and if he completely weans we will move him into his own room.

I am thankful for… ~Mother Angelica! I have added Mother Angelica’s Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures to my daily reading and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I have been praying lately that Jesus would draw me closer to Him. I want to know Him, to have a living relationship with Him and I needed help. Mother Angelica’s lessons are really bringing scripture to life for me and she is so funny!
~Our Church’s mommy group. Was I thankful for that last week? I’m still thankful. We started doing a Scott Hahn video series on apologetics and it rocks!
~A working furnace that didn’t cost me $800. What the repairman thought was wrong didn’t turn out to be the problem. THANK YOU FATHER!!!!

From the learning rooms…
Let’s Read and Find Out! These science books are great, I borrow them from the library but I would like to build up a library of them to have at home.

My daughter is shocking people left and right these days. We were at a friend’s house the other day and she was telling me a story and spelled the word bath. As soon as she was done spelling it Mary piped up and said “b-a-t-h spells bath, you can just say it.”

From the kitchen… Turkey dinner. We are very snowed in and I have no desire to go anywhere so I figured I might as well make something yummy for dinner. I really wanted turkey soup more than the turkey itself but we will probably be able to eat it for a week!

I am wearing…
a pretty shirt I got from Costco, yoga pants, and my slippers. I can’t stand not wearing slippers anymore, they are on my feet all the time.

I am creating… lists. Lists make me happy. I can get anything done as long as I have a list, with no list I feel lost and overwhelmed and I do nothing. It’s bad.

Pondering these words… “You meditate from the time you get up to the time you go to bed on silly things. Pull it together and meditate on holy things!” ~Mother Angelica

I am reading… Books about felting. I tried needle felting a few months ago and it didn’t turn out anywhere near as well as I had hoped. So of course I did what I do with anything I can’t do perfectly the first time: I stuffed it in a box in the office and ignored it. Well I’m ready to try again so hopefully my second attempt will produce a more desirable result.

I am hoping… to take Mary on more dates. I took her to see Tangled this weekend (her first movie) and it was tons of fun! We went with a friend and went and had dinner first it was a great night.

I am hearing… a talk by Peter Kreeft. Naptime is the only time I have to listen to talks, I like to sit and knit and listen.

Around the house… …let’s just not go there right now. Maybe next week. 😉

One of my favorite things… When hubby makes breakfast! These egg/cheese/bacon english muffins were delicious!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Another busy week! Dance, Little Scientists, play group and a playdate!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

 Luke stealing the icing off of daddy’s cake while he wasn’t looking. Cutest thing ever.


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