Yarn Along 2

It’s Yarn Along time!!

My poor daughter has been asking for weeks when her other mitten will be finished. So far I’ve only gotten as far as the cuff, hopefully it won’t be too much longer. I think I’m going to make an i-cord string for them so they stay in her coat, mittens on a string are so cute!

I pulled out A Landscape with Dragons to read again. I haven’t read it since Mary was a baby (I think?) and I had forgotten what an excellent resource this book is! I love Michael O’Brien, the book list in the back is such a treasure!

 The three picture books are the newest addition to my old book collection and they are SO sweet! They were published in 1959. Mary and I have really enjoyed looking through the dictionary and I have hopes that something in the Manners book will rub off…

In my tea cup (I think yarn along should have a tea section!) I have creamy earl grey from our farmer’s market tea lady. It is fabulous!! I’m not sure what has come over me but I find myself reaching for my tea brewer more often than my coffee pot lately.


6 thoughts on “Yarn Along 2

  1. mittens on a string are the cutest thing!!! I'm knitting mittens for myself (with my knitting speed they might be ready for next winter) and I will add a string to them too – it's so practical when you can slip off your mittens and just leave them hanging like that while you text on your cell phone or do something equally “important” which just has to be done right there, right then – outside usually when it's extremely cold 😀

  2. I love the color of that yarn. My daughter would melt to have rainbow mittens. 🙂 Those books looks so darling also. I'd love a sweet little manners book to encourage my little guys. Its always funner when you have a story or rhyme to go along with it.

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