Good Riddance 2010!!

Dear 2010,
You pretty much sucked, there is just no way to sugar coat it. I’m glad you’re gone and will not be looking back on you fondly. In fact I don’t expect to be looking back on you much at all. So there.
Good Riddance.

 Right, so now that we have that out of the way lets move on to happier things. Like the new year! I’m not much of a resolution maker but hubby and I had an 8 hour car ride yesterday in which to talk about our goals for the next year. It was wonderful and I think we are going to revisit our list monthly.

One of my goals is to quit scrapbooking and update my blog more. I had a chance to go through a friend’s blog book that she had printed and it is so neat! I am hoping that by next December I will have enough content to turn into a memory book for my kids.

Another goal that we are setting for ourselves is to live on cash. Not just debit, but actual cash. After adding up the totals of our spending every month there are definitely areas where we were spending more than we realized. By being more aware of where that money is going we hope to be able to channel it into better areas, such as….

Our marriage. We have a great marriage and I consider myself extremely blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I truly believe that the greatest gift we can give our children is a happy marriage and I want to make sure that we don’t let our kids or anything else slip into the spot our marriage should hold in our priorities. I have a blog post coming up on how we plan to do this.

There is no food in our house and I really need to make a menu plan… so I’m off to do that, the rest of our 2011 plans will have to wait.


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