Advent Calendars

Growing up every year my mom bought us grocery store Advent calendars… the little cardboard ones where you get to open a door and have a little (cardboard tasting) chocolate every day.

There are a lot of fabulous Advent calendars out there, all of them seem to have one fatal flaw though: they don’t begin when Advent begins!

This bothered me and I searched for one that I loved that we could use for all of Advent but couldn’t find anything I really liked. So of course,  since I had nothing better to do I stayed up way too late before Advent started and made this:

*disclaimer* I don’t think this was my idea. I’m pretty sure I saw someone else do this or something really similar last year but I can’t for the life of me remember where. 

I went to Micheal’s and found these little tins:

(take a 40 or 50% off coupon, they are crazy expensive!!)

I found them in the wedding section, they are for putting your favors in. I printed the numbers on pretty paper and glued them into the inside.

Then I glued a magnet to the back. I just bought a big sheet of magnets and cut them to fit the back. Then I stuck them all to a cookie sheet.

Here is the other cookie sheet:

This is an old picture, it has a path and a few other details now. (And this was just for the picture, they won’t get the Mary, Joseph, or baby Jesus until the 3 days before Christmas)
I wanted to make a nativity one and have something added to the nativity every day but I ran out of ideas/time around 16 things. Hopefully next year I will be able to add more. For the days I didn’t have a nativity figure for there was a couple candies, a special book or activity inside the tin.

Each figure is made of fimo and has a little piece of magnet on the back so it sticks to the cookie sheet. They are hanging on my wall with pretty Christmas ribbon.


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