Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 13th- Happy feast of St. Lucy!

Outside my window… it is *cold* but clear and sunny. The perfect kind of day to let the sunshine in and catch up on weekend laundry.

I am thinking…
that I made the right decision. I had a friend ask me to put some of my newborn photographs in a local doctor’s office (where she works), which would have given me tons of new clients but after praying about it I need to be focusing on my family right now. Mary and I are going to start doing school more in January and I really feel like God is asking me to focus on my family.

I am thankful for… family time. Our evening routine of Jesse tree, Advent story book, Christmas books, and prayers is such a nice way to end our days.

From the learning rooms… My daughter has discovered work sheets and *loves* them. We have been

From the kitchen… Cookies! Mary and I baked 9 dozen chocolate crackle cookies this weekend for a cookie swap I did with some friends. It was so much fun to get out and spend an evening eating good food and visiting with good friends.

I am wearing… my jammies. It’s only 9am and Luke isn’t up yet. 😉

I am creating… too many things to list. I still have a whole pile of Christmas projects to get done, I need at least 4 more hours in a day. I just ordered fabric for Mary’s new quilt but I have to prioritize and get Christmas done first, I might need Nathaniel to hide it from me…

I am going… to our parish confession service tonight all by myself. I’m looking forward to some time to pray quietly, I certainly don’t get the chance with the kids on Sundays!

I am reading… a book that came highly recommended from a friend. I’ll blog about it if I enjoy it as much as she did.

I am hoping… we can have a Christmas season that has been as peaceful as our Advent. I’m looking forward to having so much time with my husband home, hopefully we can sneak out for a date or two!

I am hearing… Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Luke is awake now, that boy spends his entire day playing with trucks or cars. He’s a boy all right!

Around the house…
Lots of Christmas artwork. I absolutely love having Mary’s artwork on the windows and walls and fridge.

One of my favorite things… Luke saying “Oh man, oh man, oh man!” When I tell him he can’t do something. So freaking cute!

Also… I got my Christmas present from my hubby early. I had to pitch in my birthday money but it was worth it. Eeee!

A few plans for the rest of the week: We have a busy week!
Tuesday- playdate
Wednesday- Christmas carnival
Thursday- Christmas lights sleigh ride
Friday- playdate

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I bet you didn’t know that gnomes and a lizard brought baby Jesus presents too did you? Our little people Nativity set has been played with a lot. 😉


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