New books! (alternately titled: I ♥!!)

 There was an exciting surprise for me when I went to open the door for my husband when he got home from work tonight. There was a big box sitting on my front step! I love packages!! The UPS guy must have dropped it off when we were all napping.

In the box was my recent order from

(again with the awful photos… I had to be secretive!)

I somehow forgot to add the Crippled Lamb DVD into the picture, we got that as well.

With the exception of Bear’s New Friend all of the books are hardcover with dust jackets. They were having a sale and offerning free shipping on a $35 or greater spend so I paid less than $50 for all of these.

I have been dying to read Mother Angelica’s biography for awhile and it was a serious steal at $1.99!

Have you read any books by Karma Wilson? Any of the Bear books are awesome, we got Bear’s New Friend because they had it but I ordered Mortimer’s Christmas Manger (one of my top 10 favourite Christmas books) from another site as well.

St. George and the Dragon is a great book. It’s a little above my kid’s level right now but the illustrations are beautiful and it was a super deal.

I love Tomie DePaola and bookcloseouts has quite a few of his books, The Song of St. Francis and Pascual and the Kitchen Angels were on sale so we got those.

Fairyopolis is based on the Cicely Mary Baker’s flower fairies. It’s a really neat book, it will probably have to live in my book drawer for a little while but I know Mary will love it.

Angela and the Baby Jesus is a welcome addition to our Christmas library, it’s a heartwarming story.

And last but not least… Fairy Tale Knits! Just what I needed… more projects to add to my ever growing list. I really want to knit the red riding hood cape in here, I think Mary would love it!!

So that is my plug for… their stock is constantly changing and it can be a pain to search for books but you can get some super deals!!


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